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The World of Molecular Machines

Humans have harnessed fire, created and tamed electricity, and invented antibiotics… the list of human achievements is seemingly infinite. Each discovery of this magnitude changes the usual course of things, without a doubt, and is a step toward a better future. The same is expected of nanotechnology – a young science that studies objects on the atomic scale. It all started with a single lecture.

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January / 2021 Issues


Planet of the Apes

Macaques can do math, and chimpanzees and gorillas can joke, understand words, communicate in sign language… and even fry fish. Terrible as it may seem, they can deceive their elders. So if you ever tried to change a C in your teacher’s gradebook to an A – you know you’re not the only one. What else are apes capable of ?


Catching Sunbeams

Civilization began when man first harnessed fire. At first, fire gave only warmth and protection, but later, humans tamed fire’s heat and used it to move heavy machines and mechanisms, launch planes, illuminate streets, and so on.

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