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How a cell turns into an organism

At the very beginning, we are all just a single cell – the zygote. It forms as a result of merging of two other cells, Male and Female gametes. The zygote divides, and its direct descendants, cells look the same for a certain time after the so-called cleavage.


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May / 2020 Issues

Myth and Reality

Astronauts Life on Space

It is true that an Astronauts life is quite different from what you imagine but reality is things have changed. The food they consume is not in tubes anymore and the weightlessness there is not real. The cosmonauts sleep in special bags to cabin wall. Due to the noise of the station’s mechanisms they have to cover their ears. Wet wipes are used to squeeze water on a bead of towel to rub over the skin. The special soap used does not need to be washed off. The toothpaste used must be swallowed. They do have a privilege to receive fresh fruits, sweets and other gifts from their relatives in parcels-among other food items and necessities, which cargo shuttles deliver to the station. To brief it up,’ Yes’ life does exist out of our planet.


The Mystery of Caoutchouc

The juice of the “weeping” Hevea tree was valued at its weight in gold by the end of the 19th century. The process of producing its juice became elastic and resilient rubber, vital for transport and industry. The rapid production development of machine production literally squeezed every possibility drop of milky Caoutchouc juice from Hevea. Chemists had to save the situation. In 1770 Joseph Priestley an English Chemist used this milky juice called Latex and invented a rubber eraser, to erase pencil drawings. From this material rubber utensils, household items, waterproof shoes, clothes and hats were also made..


Significance of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most familiar but at the same time one f the most unexplored phenomena of our life. Sleep is necessary to restore our body. While we sleep ‘hippocampus’-the area of the brain responsible for memory, assists to forget the unnecessary information accumulated throughout the day and helps to refresh new memories. Toshiaki Ojkuma from Kyushu University proves that less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours per night can lead to many health issues. The Royal Public Health(UK) offers recommendations like –Eat Light Dinner, Stay Off Of Smart phones  and Computers before going to Bed, no Caffeinated drinks before bed, Half an hour of good walk ...all these can be guideline to avoid Insomnia.


Darker than Black

We know roughly what our planet consists of, the solar system and the stars. We even have an idea of what galaxies are composed of. It’s probably easy to imagine the composition of the universe; it’s a cluster of galaxies. But suddenly it is turned out that 95%of this universe consists of invisible matter and we are sure it exists.

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